1. happy birthday to beautiful zooey deschanel <3
i luv herrrr

    happy birthday to beautiful zooey deschanel <3

    i luv herrrr

  2. Realize the value of what you have before you lose it…
    Just saying

  3. I really dislike hospitals -_-
    I really hope you all be careful out there on the road.
    As much as I love motorcycles I’m really tired of my friends gettin hurt on them :(
    I do not want to have to see y’all goin thru all this pain and suffering..
    No bueno at all..
    Even tho me and my friend have had our differences I’m still here for him to make sure he’s ok, he would do the same for me.
    I thought it was sweet of him telling his mom how much I’ve been a very important girl in his life, I felt bad because I always say negative things about him because of all the shit he had done to me in July. Disrespected me and wasn’t being a good friend at all.
    But damn he is a good person just makes stupid decisions and needs to know his limits. I love u friend but damnit be careful.
    Everyone be safe on the roads plz.
    I’m so scared for everyone and myself.
    Well gotta go bye.

  4. I swear the next relationship I’m in I am either deactivating my Facebook or I’ll just delete them as a friend.
    I don’t want any drama at all.
    And I also just want us to have our privacy.
    I think if anything I’ll just keep using my 2 tumblrs and instagram. That’s it.
    I’m close to giving this person I dated in the beg of this year a second chance.. I’m ready, I just hope this isn’t a waste of time.
    I’m tired of wasting my time.. I just want to be with someone and be happy, that’s it.
    But oh well.. I guess ill just see what happens with this.. I’m still not entirely sure about it just yet.
    Good night and finally Happy Halloween I’ll post up my costume today ;D so ecstatic

  5. Werd


  6. Finally home. Pretty tired.
    Thank goodness there’s no work tomorrow.
    Kinda bummed out cuz I’m tired of ppl fighting.. I hate seeing couples get into arguments and shit.
    I’m tired of the jealousy, the assumptions they make, the lack of trust. I’m tired of it all these ppl just need to be grateful for what they have..
    Yup thats all I’m going to say. Gnight friends.

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